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I learned a lot from “The Road Less Travelled”, by M. Scott Peck.

I learned that no matter what path you take it will be hard, and that once you come to terms with this life gets a lot better – despite being hard.  Coming to terms with this reality is one of the best things I ever did, though it took me a long time.  I’m a slow learner!

Once you realise that every action you take is the result of a decision, you come to accept that there is no neutral position to take in life.

If you ‘go’ there will be consequences.  If you ‘don’t go’ there will be consequences.

If you hold off deciding because you are afraid to ‘go’ - that’s a decision, you have decided and there will be consequences.

If you decide to ‘go’ because you are afraid to not go, that’s also a decision, albeit a clearer one.

I like the way Jordan Peterson put it - it’s less about being courageous and more about choosing to be afraid of the right things.

If you do nothing different to what you have been doing, what do you think the chances are of solving your fertility problem?

Are you afraid of never having a baby, or are you afraid that you might realise too late that you could have been doing something more to solve the problem?

Are you afraid of the right things?

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Natural Fertility Consultant

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