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Argue Your Way To Fertility

Imagine a really bad argument between you and another person you care about. 

Imagine both of you are hurt and angry. 

Imagine this hanging in the air for weeks and the stress and misery it causes just by ‘being there’.

Then imagine that all it takes is for one person to genuinely say the words “I’m sorry” or “I was wrong, you were right”.

Imagine the power those words have to reset the relationship, the mood and the energy of it all.  Yet you can also imagine how seemingly impossible it feels for one person to take that step and say those words.  It’s hard because it requires admitting we were wrong, it requires becoming vulnerable for a moment, and it requires you to put your trust in someone else.

I mean the words themselves are physically easy to say…it’s the meaning and intention behind them that’s the hard part…right?

What is the internal force that’s stopping us?   Is it pride, is it ego, is it our identity?

Believe it or not it’s the same force that is stopping us all from changing yet when we do change, we crossover an invisible divide and something happens inside us - we grow, and our worldview shifts slightly to embrace a new truth about ourselves, one that we didn’t like but we are better for it. 

These obstacles are precious signposts telling us what we need to focus on.  Dealing with them properly helps us discover the nugget of wisdom that we need to shift our worldview one more step closer to reality, one more step closer to our dreams…whatever they are.

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