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Bigger Things Than You

Regardless of your religious faith it’s true to say that one of the biggest benefits of spirituality and religion is that it connects us to something bigger than ourselves.

The idea that we surrender to God seems, at least on paper, to be an expression of weakness.  It’s as if we have so little faith in ourselves (to cope with whatever we are facing) that we must give up any notions of our own strength and just let God take care of it all for us.

On the other hand, the idea of ‘surrendering’ in the face of complexity is a realistic acknowledgement that life is bigger than us and that try as we might we don’t actually have total control over what happens.  There's a self-evident reality to this, and yet we spend a lot of energy resisting it.

Many elite solider outfits are trained to accept death before a big mission.  This is a similar idea, and it actually increases the odds of success and survival!

Surrendering control is a tacit acknowledgment that we are mortal, that we are limited and that we really do need help solving big problems, yet the very act of facing big problems with the intention of solving them (and thus making the world a better place) is an expression of our innate greatness as human beings.

We have it in us to do amazingly complicated things, to overcome deep problems and to leave a mark on history that would not have been left had we not risen to the occasion.

And yet surrendering, an act that seems so weak, is the beginning of our real power.

“I can’t reach the branch Dad” says my 10-year-old daughter, “can you lift me up?”

… … “There you go” … and off she climbs fearlessly into a massive tree!

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