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Cake Sales Are A Bad Idea

Schools need fundraisers – I get it – but in this day and age – Cake Sales – Really?

The mixed messages that run throughout family, society and government are psychologically destructive to growing kids.  As adults who have already been through this ringer are all psuchologically damaged by it – and yet we perpetrate it over and over.

Good people, volunteers, people without whom good stuff just wouldn’t get done in a community – all grew up in this damaged culture of mixed messages.

We are punished for making mistakes, we are ridiculed if we stand out, and we are unsupported if we do something different.

Implement a healthy school lunch policy – then raise money by selling cakes full of sugar!

Kids see this and they get the message that “ah shur cakes can’t be that bad”.

The problem is it takes some deeper thinking to come up with an alternative – but in the age of epidemic diabesity surely we can come up with something better!

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