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We act as if we are in control of ourselves – and on the surface this would seem to be the case but think about it a bit and you will come to realise that it is an illusion.  If we truly controlled ourselves, we could simply command our bodies to do stuff that we want it to do and it would be done.

To the extent that we can’t do this it must be obvious that we are not in control.

To the extent that we can do this it is better to realise that our success in this matter is but a reflection over the level of influence we can bring to bear over ourselves.

It’s a strange thing to ponder!

On the one hand if we were in full control, we would not allow ourselves to ruin our bodies in the pursuit of some dream life – instead we would pursue our dream life and command our body to keep up and not break down in the process.

The fact that we are not in control is not the problem though – the problem is we think we are!

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