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It can take a Caucasian woman with gum disease about 2 months longer to get pregnant than a similar woman without gum disease, and for non-Caucasians it can take longer than 12 months!  Source.

“What?...That’s mad” you might say, but actually it isn’t.  Periodontal disease is very common and associated with a lot of chronic degenerative diseases including diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease…and now even infertility.

What’s going on?

It’s not an easy idea to square away if you view health in the traditional narrow way using the reductionist mindset.  But if you see the world in a more interconnected way then you also probably see human health in a similarly interconnected way, in which case you see nothing at all mad about this idea.

Bacteria from gum disease does damage gums by inflaming them, which eventually leads to tooth disease.  This is bad.  But the same bacteria can migrate into your nerves, and blood and cause damage elsewhere in the body too.

Could it cause trouble for your ovaries?  Maybe, but I’m going to suggest we are looking at this the wrong way around.

The real issue from my perspective is that something is driving the gum disease, and that same ‘thing’ is also driving the other degenerative conditions, including infertility.

Yes, we can point to the migration of bacteria along nerve and blood and even lymph transport systems, but it’s deeper than this…there’s a vibe or a note playing in the body that is ‘off’…this is the essential issue.

This is the issue with infertility too.

Consider that we know if people keep their mouths scrupulously clean they can prevent damage to their gums and teeth…so it seems like a cut and dry idea…clean your teeth and you’ll be fine.

But this doesn’t square so well with what we know about traditional cultures who had no oral care but rarely got any sort of gum disease.

What the official guardians of our oral cavity fail to tell us is the same thing the medical fertility world fails to tell us – the problems we are experiencing are not isolated to one part of the body, they are systemic and the solution to them is to rise the tide of health in the whole body – not just in one spot in the body.  

Brush your gums…sure…but get your body humming the right note too, that’ll go a long way to sorting out your fertility issues!

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