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You know it’s actually possible that you don’t really know your partner in their natural state!

You might know them for some years before tying the knot and then some years since, and so you will have come to know them ‘as they are’.  But, and as you read this you can also apply the insight to yourself, what if their personality was ‘not truly them’, or yours was not truly you?

We know that A LOT of people have been diagnosed with some or other disease or condition and we also know that this represents the tip of the iceberg insofar as for every person with a diagnosed condition there are many more who are slowly (or quickly) limping towards it.

Seemingly simple functional daily issues like stiffness, or constipation, or sleep problems or general energy levels are all versions of ‘limping’.  If our energy production is challenged, we feel it in these ways.  It affects our mood in a big way, and we can become ‘set’ with this way of being, but like a fish in water we can’t notice it because we just think ‘it is’.  We think it’s normal!

If you or your partner has some degree of infertility it means something fundamental is not working ‘inside them’.

If you are courageous enough to face this head on you will inevitably take action to fix the problem, but to do this you will need to plumb the depths of yourself, your body, your mind, and your health in general.

One of the things that often happens when people do this is that they finally come out from under a sort of ‘fog’, or a ‘mode of being’ that has thus far governed their lives, and they begin to see things differently, and feel differently and act differently.  In a sense they become more their true selves and they find their balance and their groove much more gracefully.

I’ve seen moody, cranky men and women become more balanced, more confident and happier.  Whereas once they might lose their temper easily, now they don’t, and this in turn changes how they argue and how they interact with their spouse.

This can be a relief and open a whole new future for some people, but it can also be somewhat jarring for the partner as they have -in a sense- lost some of the person they were familiar with and now must ‘get to know’ the new person all over again because the new person will automatically recalibrate their lives and begin acting differently…in a much better way.

The price of success is almost always Change, and the effect is almost universally positive, but it’s the cliched ‘fear of change’ that stops so many people from achieving it.

 Are you willing to change in order to become fertile?  Can you deal with your partner if they do?

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