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Being infertile is a tough place to be.

You might need to get several different aspects of yourself working better before your fertility comes ‘back online’, but you may not know what those things are.
It’s pretty much a universally true phenomena with my clients that something about their world view is part of the mix of ‘stuff’ that needs to be fixed before they can restore fertility.

That’s a weird thought though, isn’t it!

Our worldviews hold such a powerful grip on us, they pretty much dictate our decisions, and our direction in life, they even create much of our personality - so much so that it’s often impossible to know where ‘we’ start, and our worldview ends.  It seems like we are one and the same, but we are not.

An accurate though simplistic way to conceptualise a worldview is as a frame of mind and emotions that colour how we carry on in the world, meaning how we interpret and react to everything that happens to us.  Our worldview is like a lens through which we see life.

Grow up in crime-alley and you will be more likely to tense up whenever a stranger walks up to you - but grow up in the Hamptons and your interpretation of strangers is much different.

If you think of worldviews as something that gets created in our minds by virtue of the experiences we have which get loaded on to one side of a scales or the other such that positive experiences tip the scales one way and negative experiences tip it the other way, then how your internal scales are leaning at any given moment in your life, is based on the overall weight of the combined negative and positive experiences you’ve had in life.

Simplistically put, some people are predominantly negative in outlook due to a list of negatively interpreted experiences that get place on one side of the scales, whereas others are predominantly positive in outlook due to a list of positively interpreted experiences that load the other side of the scales.

A negative outlook makes it more likely you will shy away from challenges in favour of creating a predictable life, whereas a positive outlook allows you to have the juice to take on new challenges, thus you will more likely create a life of variety.

The key though is to realise that it is our interpretation of what happens that matters - not the event itself, but there is unfortunately, circular issues afoot here - a negative worldview makes it more likely we will interpret new events negatively, so it becomes self-reinforcing.
This is a huge problem, and if you are facing infertility the last thing you want is a negative worldview because this is wired directly to your hormonal system.  If you see the world negatively your hormones will have no choice but to take on a defensive posture (as does your physical body often), and this posture is anti-fertility in nature. 

I would go so far as to say that you cannot fix a fertility problem if your mind is coloured by a negative worldview.

To solve the problem, you must first identify what your worldview is by asking yourself if it is defensive, on alert, or in some way causing you to generally see things negatively or stress-fully.  Then you must create a new picture in your mind, or a new feeling in your heart of the future you want, then you must conjure up that picture or feeling so regularly that it becomes familiar to your nervous system.

After you 'familiarise' your system with this new future idea of yourself, you do it again with a new picture or feeling that you desire to make real.  This could be you playing with a new baby on the carpet and loving it, or it might be imagining yourself with a pregnant bump, but it could be whatever you want.  Doing this will eventually familiarise your nervous system with the good life you want and allow you to melt away barriers that prevent you from achieving it. If you are following what I am saying here, you will realise that many of the barriers preventing you from getting pregnant are internal.  They are related to your beliefs and to unexamined assumptions you hold that are related to your worldview and which cause you to veer off the path of truth - so to speak!

I’ve just summarised an incredibly powerful book for you that has nothing to do with getting pregnant but could just carry the day for you if you have the courage to put it into action!


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