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Doing versus Knowing

In politics, the sparring over ideas and talking points is the easy part - it’s the part that makes the news and gets re-tweeted.  Some of it is genuine - real people talking about real issues - and some of it is just virtue signalling, but either way it is the easy part of the job.  Even a bad politician can do this part if they want.

Action based on long term thinking though - that’s a different beast.  This requires leadership and the steady hand of governance that sees past office terms, but it is the only thing that moves the dial forward.

When it comes to infertility there’s a difference between knowing information and acting on it.

The knowing is the easy bit, it’s the bit you can get from snippits as well as from deep research.

You can get it from twitter or from the library, from loud-mouth punters on forums or from real experts.

But it’s the doing that gets you where you want to go.

‘Doing the knowledge’ is the thing that gets you results.

But doing requires a different mindset - because whilst ‘knowing’ is safe, ‘doing’ is risky - because you might fail.

‘Doing’ is how you find out what works for you and what doesn’t, ‘doing’ is where ‘knowing’ meets reality.

At any given moment most people are not willing to face reality.  Think about that!



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