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Countless good people get sucked into infertility forums hoping and praying that somebody in there will have the answer they so desperately desire.

The fact that these places offer solidarity is a huge and worthwhile benefit of joining them, but the potential for the positive to degenerate into the negative is an ever-present risk.  When groups come together for emotionally charged reasons it is only a matter of time before strong personalities rise to the surface – and if these personalities are themselves unbalanced or egocentric the entire tone of the conversation can shift towards victimhood – one of the most disempowering and insidious faces of ‘faceless’ support groups.

If you find yourself in a forum that is obsessed with symptom comparison, program boasting, doctor cheerleading or bashing, differential diagnosis and drug regimen advice from novice lay people – think about leaving.

If you choose to stay be strong in yourself and know that the power to overcome your problems lies in you, not in a random support forum full of people like you who will happily offer opinions about facts.  Don’t confuse the two – a blood reading may be a fact – but what it means to you is just an opinion.   

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