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You probably have food intolerances – most people have some.

That fact is disputed by mainstream medicine though, but whenever groups of people are tested out on a food elimination diet, most report a general sense of improvement in wellbeing.

Some report dramatic life changing experiences and others report minor improvements in things like sleep, skin, hair, energy, digestion, bloating or such like.

The general consensus is that things are the way they have always been.  Traditionally very few people were officially diagnosed with food intolerances, and so this state is regarded as the norm for the population.

But the reality is that things are not the way they always were.  The entire food system has changed, wheat itself has changed, soy is not the same as it used to be, meat is composed of different profiles of fat now.  Everything has changed, except the viewpoint of mainstream medicine.

Allergies are different to intolerances – but both can generate elevations in a particular type of antibody in the blood (knows as IgG), whilst some food intolerances don’t generate these antibodies at all but instead just cause some sort of symptom – like gas or bloating.

For reasons rooted in the philosophy of medicine, most doctors don’t take intolerances seriously and would strongly challenge the view that something as ‘innocuous’ as simple bloating could have any effect on your fertility.  The idea is laughable to many!

This ‘philosophy’ I mention is based on what we call Newtonian Physics, which set the trend in science ever since the apple fell from the tree!  It has resulted in our current paradigm of reductionist science which has brought us so much progress it’s amazing, but it fails to recognise the essential interconnectedness of everything.

Bloating can mediate infertility – here’s how:

Immune cells at the wall of your intestine react to some or other food molecule - let’s say it is wheat.

The reaction causes a release of chemicals which affect the surrounding population of microbes– which in turn generate the symptoms you experience – let’s say a sense of bloating, by producing lots of gas.  Ok you might say, just pass the gas and all is good - no? No!

With repeated exposure to wheat your immune system will switch its dominant mode to one of ‘activated’, meaning it will become increasingly alert to ‘foreign invaders’.  Your genes will turn on to produce more and more of the immune molecules (cytokines) that your body thinks it needs to defend against the foreign invading food molecule to which it is intolerant.  Take this far enough and your body will become hyper alert to invaders and begin suspecting more and more food molecules.  (A little bit like airport security suspecting more and more people of being terrorists!)

With your immune system generally on hyper alert it will begin suspecting that actual invaders like sperm or even a developing embryo are real threats – and it will take them out!

Everything is connected.  The Amazon forest creates clouds that rain on mountainsides eroding rocks and liberating diatoms that reach the oceans via the rivers.  The diatoms feed life, which blooms and produces oxygen for the earth.  The diatoms die and form rock, which becomes desert, whose dust gets swept up in the winds which deposit the dead diatoms back into the Amazon forest to nourish the trees that were not even planted when the cycle started.  Everything is amazingly connected!

The food we eat is connected to our immune system’s ability to sense the world around us.

Our immune system is connected to our ability to create life.

There is no drug that can undo the negative effects of it – only change can accomplish that, and you have the power to change if you can summon the self-belief to do it – because even your self-belief is connected to your fertility!

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