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The Endless” now there’s a whacked-out film!

Good though…full of sub stories and thought-provoking metaphors.

It opens with the statement “The oldest and strongest emotion of all is fear of the unknown”.

This is the fear that keeps us from changing - not from wanting to change - but from actually going on a journey that will change us.

Simple as it sounds the thing that keeps us from changing is familiarity - our attachment to the old familiar feelings of everyday life.

The challenge is deceptively huge.  We can’t solve our problems by doing the same thing over and over (the insanity argument!!) so if we are to succeed, we must do things differently, ie we must change.

And here’s the conundrum we all face - we want to change, there’s an impulse inside us all urging us to do it - but we fear the unknown, yet even when we muster up the courage and actually venture into the unknown, we find it near impossible to unshackle ourselves from the loops of our lives with which we’ve become so familiar.  Fear & Familiarity - it’s a double whammy!

I wonder if this is what makes it easier for an emigrant to make a better go if it in a foreign country?  They are forced to break out of their old patterns, to think new thoughts and do new things!

On the other hand, “wherever you go, there you are”, the same head, with the same habits.

Sometimes it takes catastrophe (or the threat of it) to shake us out of our old familiar habits and into a new way of looking at life.

Funny thing is we now have so many stories from people who have faced the unknown, who have been changed by it, and who are totally grateful for the experience, I wonder why we still fear it?

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