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I’m Not The Best

I’ve always had this sense that I’m not the best at what I do.

It has driven me to be better, but it has at times also driven me to distraction. 

The concept of ‘being the best’, I’ve come to realise, is an illusion.  There are very few places it can ever be proven.  Winning the top prize in sport is one place, but even that is a revolving door where nobody is always the best.

I used to worry that whenever I ‘sold’ myself as a natural fertility consultant that whenever a client hired me to help them become fertile there was always that chance that I would fail and that they would have been better to find a different (better) consultant.  The logical conclusion to this thinking process is that I aught never enter the arena at all, and instead work to find the very best practitioner for my clients and refer them all to that person.

But the world has a funny way of disabusing you of stupid notions once you are clear on what you want in your life.  In other words, once you set your sights on a worthy goal that you are absolutely clear about, and you pursue it with all your heart, you tend to achieve it.

You tend to achieve it regardless of whether or not you ever hire the best person to help you get there.   The real power is with you, the key is in your own commitment. Once you move to achieve something worthwhile the world seems to move with you.

When getting results is all that matters, searching for ‘the best’ is only a distraction.  Who you really want is someone who brings out the best in you, because the answers are already inside you.

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