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I use the analogy of the map and the compass regularly with my clients, so it’s not surprise that Seth’s Blog inspired me today.

It’s the essence of understanding how the program ‘Return To Fertility’ is successful.

A constant theme in the program is that of bring your inner guidance system back online or fixing the ‘offset’ in your compass.  This literally means getting your thoughts and goals straight, getting your hormone system balanced and functioning normally and being able to read your gut instincts more effectively.

But what about the Map?  What about the terrain you are attempting to navigate?

This comes in two forms: 1 is your body and its internal terrain, and 2 is the field of infertility and how you need to navigate your way through it to find the best options so that you achieve your dream of having children.

You literally have to steer your body through unknown or incompletely understood situations before it arrives at a place where it is aligned and ready to become pregnant.

There are lots of elements to line up for this to work.

The terrain you are crossing needs to be figured out as you go, and your course corrected as you get feedback that you are going in the wrong direction.  But the key to this is to get your inner compass working well so that you can realise when you are going in the wrong direction and when you are going in the right one.

The confusing part for many people is realising that your right direction is not the same as someone else’s right direction.  Another way to say that is the map is not the same for everyone!

Thus, the key to is all is the compass.

As Seth says…

“Happy endings come from an understanding of the compass, not the presence of a useful map.

If you’ve got the wrong map, the right compass will get you home if you know how to use it.”


I couldn’t agree more!

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