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We can see the weakest point in a bursting balloon using slow motion footage, but it is so much harder to tell exactly where our own weakest point is.  To complicate matters we are adaptive creatures who can strengthen the weak points in our health if we know what to do.

A good way to think about it is that all chronic diseases ultimately come because some system in our body is overstressed, and it eventually gives.  Having a good diagnosis helps us figure out what that system is, if we know how to interpret things. This is no easy task.

Infertility narrows down the systems some bit.  We can consider how the adrenal system is functioning, how our thyroid is cooperating with our adrenals, how our pituitary gland is regulating our circadian rhythms and how our GI tract is powering (or disempowering) our hormonal system.

With these functions analysed and encouraged to operate normally we can consider how the ovaries, or the testicles are working…they take their cue from the dance of the other organs.

Infertility is not a mystery if you know how to read the landscape of your body.

Getting diagnosed with infertility is not a setback, it’s a huge step forward because it shows you your weakest point and allows you to focus on the stuff that matters most and not get side-tracked chasing ghosts.

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Natural Fertility Consultant

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