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My Job Is Not…

My Job is NOT:

to make you change,

to guarantee your success,

to stop you from giving up,

to take responsibility for you,

to lead the way for you to follow,

to pressure you to do the program,

to fix you,

to hold you accountable,

to do the work for you,

to make your life easier,

My job IS:

to guide you through unfamiliar territory using my experience

to help you see the truth of the situation, which is mostly uncomfortable

to advise you on the options before you, so you can make the best decision

to help you realise that the power to find the solution you seek is already within you.

To help you realise that your life is your responsibility.

The journey can be long, it can be confusing, it can be full of setbacks, it can be scary.

Sometimes people give up.

I never do.

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