This is my most popular program and is highly successful.

It is a ‘hand’s off’ self-paced program that caters for a wide array of different situations encountered by many women working diligently to overcome functional infertility.

The main focus of it is to guide you in laying down a robust foundation of health on which your hormonal system rests.  For many women, laying down a proper foundation will result in a return of their fertility and a healthy pregnancy.

Everybody requires a similar foundation, but different people face different personal challenges as they work to lay down that foundation.  You might be 38 years old and have bad digestion, great sleep, too much estrogen, regular periods, certain nutrient deficiencies, certain excesses, little free time and travel a lot with work, whereas another woman may have great digestion, poor sleep, relationship stress, loads of free time, different nutrient deficiencies, irregular periods and  no clue about her hormonal state.  Both of you will require very different routes to get to the same place.

What applies to one person may not apply to another and so this program is built like a Tree with various branches emanating from the central trunk.  As you progress through this program at your own pace you will use highly personalised feedback that will let you know how you are doing and what branches you need to go out on (what decisions you need to make) at any given moment.

Thus, any two people who use the program could find they need to make very different decisions along the way in order to end up at the same place – ie in order to ensure they have a strong foundation laid down.

I call it my ‘hands off” program because my “hands on” experience is built into it.

It requires a dedicated person who is capable of taking personal responsibility and diligently following the program as it is laid out.

There are no complex or expensive lab tests in this program, only simple home ‘screening’ tests that can tell you where you are on certain key markers.  Some are ongoing, others are once-off.

There are recommendations for third party products included in the program, depending on what ‘branch’ you need to climb out on, some I will strongly suggest, others I will recommend as ‘nice to haves’, but you can choose whether or not to avail of these at your own discretion and as your finances allow, thus purchasing the program doesn’t ‘lock you in’ to anything else.

There is no facility for direct consultation with me or my team built in this program as the low price does not allow it.

My wish would be that this program works for everyone, but alas it doesn’t and so I have had to create more intensive and thus more expensive programs for complex cases.  Should you learn that your situation is more complex than originally thought and you need more detailed intensive and personalised help, you have the option of transferring to one of the other programs at any time whilst availing of a discount equal to what you paid for this program.

They usually have one or more medical conditions for example endometriosis, diabetes, PCOS, rheumatoid arthritis, autoimmune thyroiditis, multiple miscarriages, elevated Natural Killer Cells or even chronic infections.  They may or may not be taking medication and their conditions may or may not be directly causing their fertility issues but are just complicating the picture.

This is not a medical treatment program at all, it is designed to optimise fertility functions despite pre existing health challenges, but it requires paying careful attention so as not to negatively impact any medical treatment protocols.

You will have access to a wide range of natural health expertise and my team will liaise with your medical team if needed.

Our program can adapt to and honour any medical treatments or procedures you may be receiving including assisted reproduction.  Indeed, our program increases the chances of success with IVF or IUI.

This program usually involves lab based functional assessments whenever needed to guide your decisions.  There are a wide range of tests available that are capable of identifying critical ‘road blocks’ in your way, but they come at an additional third party cost.

All the time-consuming elements typically involved in third-party interactions like lab test ordering and courier collection, as well as product sourcing and ordering are all taken care of with all product costs included in the price.

We take care of the logistics for you and reduce ‘decision fatigue’!

The package offers personalised meal plans with exacting shopping lists and even an optional extra personal shopper if needs be. 

We provide regular follow ups to monitor your progress and work with you for as long as it takes to succeed.

Built into the program is real time bio-tracking technology that saves you time collecting and interpreting your own data. 

This unique all-inclusive service can work for you no matter where in the world you are based.