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We are programmed to seek out danger signals, we can’t help it.

Our brains will automatically zero in on that one danger signal in midst of a hundred ‘other’ neutral signals.  This hardwired trait kept us alive in the distant past, and still does, but now it’s also working against us - in fact it is slowly killing us AND it is taking our fertility offline in the process. 

There...I’ve just activated the alarm bell in your mind!  Danger – must pay attention!

Today we are much more threatened by the new dangers than the old ones, and if we don’t get to grips with this it will take us out.  We must, it is not optional, we must find a way to bring this problem into our conscious awareness if we are to live meaningful lives, because chronic stress really does sap us of our vitality, and with that goes our dreams.

How do we bring this ancient trait under our control?

First, we must recognise that it takes its que from information around us, which is now coming at us fast and furious.  People have evolved clever ways to grab our attention, and there’s an endless stream of them.  It’s relentless, and they are all competing to win our minds, our focus and our time.

The ones who win do so because they are better at activating our danger signals.

But there is a deeper truth to this…we let them do it to us, and we even give them permission.  That’s kind of fracked up!

But consider this - behind all the negative stuff lies a better story...the world may have lots of problems, but it is actually getting better and better with every year.  There is divide, but more and more people are coming together to make things better. 

We can’t ‘sense’ this improvement intuitively, instead we need to seek it out.  Doing this helps to rewire our minds towards good news stories and hope, rather than the endless expressions of anger frustration and apathy which trigger our alarm bells and make us think it is important, when it isn’t.

If you don’t fill your mind with real good news and stories of triumph against the odds you remain at the mercy of your lizard brain, constantly reacting to danger signals that sap your vitality and your ability to experience life at a better ‘vibe’. 

Yes, we face imminent global bankruptcy, yet inspiring entrepreneurs continue to product magical solutions to massive problems.

Yes, we face real terrorism, both from failed states as well as powerful nation states, yet inspiring humans constantly work to bridge the divide between cultures and bring us closer together with common purpose despite our fears.

To ‘see’ this new truth you have to metaphorically stop looking with your have to close them and allow the sounds of the city to fade away, then once you find your peace open them again and begin to choose deliberately what you are going to focus on.

A stressed body will focus on the fight and kick the can of fertility down the road, but there’s a lot you can do about this!

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