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Resistance Is Futile

We know it is hard to change our mind once it is made up.

Yet we know we prefer going around with our minds made up, rather than being confused or unsure about something, it just feels better.

But we also know there are countless stories throughout history of catastrophes that were allowed to happen because people (scientists, doctors, politicians, bankers, religious leaders, ordinary people) were unable to open their minds to a new and better idea, preferring instead to hold tight to their current understanding - their current made up mind.

We know all this, we can converse about it, we can laugh about it, we can argue about it, yet despite this awareness we can still go on and repeat the same crime ourselves over and over in different spheres of life.

We need to come to terms with the fact that it is a human trait, and that this trait serves us well mostly, but occasionally its effects are disastrous.

The solution is not to become better at arguing to improve our chances of changing someone’s mind, instead the solution is to actively cultivate in ourselves an ability to change our own minds about something, regardless of the facts.  An ABILITY to change our minds - not an ability to assimilate facts that should change our minds, because it is not facts that are the problem, it’s the resistance to changing our made-up minds that is the real problem.

We must cultivate in ourselves the ability to accept that we can be wrong, that we (obviously) don’t know all the answers, that when we are wrong - it is ok, it is not the end of our reputation or the world. 

This - unfortunately is a difficult path to walk because we tend to walk it alone.  We cannot expect others to walk it at the same time as we do, we cannot therefore expect the multitudes to cheer us on, thus there will always be others around us who resist change, and resist new ideas, and who will actively attempt to force you to conform and not break ranks.  It is an endless upstream swim!

The gigantic blind spot here is this:  Our very ability to swim alone upstream is rooted in our experience of life during our first few years!  How we are handled, held, fed and given sustenance dictates more than anything else how independent we can become as we grow.  Indeed, given the wholesale failure of ‘enlightened society’ to recognise this - it is no wonder we all suffer from personality complexes that cause us to cling to what we think we know for fear of - well - true independence!


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