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Responsibility Is Scary

The realisation that there is nobody out there who can assume the responsibility of solving our particular problem, is surely one of the most terrifying aspects of being an adult.

It’s unnerving! 

When we were young and immature, we could turn to someone – a parent, a teacher, a mentor maybe, but now there is nobody we can give our problem to, nobody we can hide behind anymore.  The weight of responsibility rests heavy on our shoulders.

The essential definition of being an adult is that we have to deal with our own problems.

We can of course recruit help, but the responsibility sits on us, we have to make the decision.

Not accepting this fundamental truth is the cause of much stress, suffering and even neurosis in the world, which is a true pity because there is a way to transmute this burden of responsibility into something that creates joy, satisfaction and meaning – define a worthy goal for yourself and then pursue it with everything you’ve got.

A worthy goal becomes a magnet that draws you forward with anticipation, it creates in you the desire to overcome obstacles, to stretch yourself, to learn, and to grow.

The desire to make a baby when your body won’t allow it…that’s a profoundly powerful goal!

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