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Risking Failure

There is no pathway forward you can choose that totally shields you from the possibility of failure.

You can choose to act, or you can hesitate in the hope of a better option down the road – either way it’s a choice and both options carry risk.  Mostly we hesitate to choose a path due to our inborn fear of failure, but let’s be clear – this is still ‘choosing’.  There is no way out of it, there is no way to avoid risk.

I don’t care what GI Jane says - failure IS an option, and if you allow yourself to believe there’s a way to avoid risk and guarantee success, then you’re fooling yourself.  The truth is we don’t have that much control in life, in fact we don’t have control at all.  The only thing that sits within our power is the ability to influence outcomes by our thoughts and actions, in that order.

There are steps we can take to radically improve the chances of solving big problems in our lives but if they are not built on the principle of being honest with ourselves first then they are destined to sink into the sand.  The worst consequence of this is not that we don’t get to solve the problem, it’s that we waste our precious time, and we have no way of knowing how much of this we have.

GI Jane and her fellow marines don’t believe for a second that failure is not an option, they know it is and they accept it upfront, then they set about inculcating in their minds the most powerful weapon of influence that exists – self-belief!

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