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Theresa May turned away from the crowd as she finished her resignation speech – just as she was about to burst into tears.

In this moment the real Slim Shady stood up.

My question is why didn’t she stand up long ago?  Indeed, why do our political leaders not show up as themselves when they face crowds or do their work in public, preferring instead to hide their true selves, not show any weakness or uncertainty or confusion at all?

The answers are easy to say, but hard to fix.

Our media and how it covers current affairs, pounces on anyone who shows vulnerability.  In turn this sets the tone for what people think, it gives them a slant on what happened (the journalists slant) and they react by becoming part of the ‘narrative’.

Our self-created mass media culture pays lip service to being 'authentic' but in reality they provide no 'safe space' to be 'real', and if you dare to do so the media-machine which gleefully fosters polarized opinions stands ever ready to take you down.

We the people are the ultimate problem, hence the difficulty in fixing the system.

I hate saying this but in terms of all that is wrong with the world, the mass media really do have a lot to answer for, they really do peddle fake news!

On my programs I often get push back from clients when I encourage them to find their own truth, the seat themselves in their own real center of power.  It can be hard to explain what this really means – but Teresa May gave us a glimpse of it.  She showed her true nature only at the last second, then covered it up straight away.

The thing is – we are all the same – mostly.  We are conditioned to put on a face, the be one thing to ourselves and another thing in public.  I’m not talking about walking around your house in your jocks unshaven and wrecked looking at 7am, only to present an immaculate image when you go to work at 9.  That’s normal, that’s just being ‘presentable’.  That’s different!

On the other hand, making a decision to work where you think you are ‘supposed to’, instead of pursuing a career where your real talents and personality can shine, is a common example of not being seated in your own true nature.  There is pressure to do this, sure, just like there is pressure on Theresa May to be a certain way.  But the real issue is how is it affecting you?

Is ‘not being true to yourself’ just giving you an occasional headache?  Well if that’s all the side affects you get, fire away.  But what if it is causing you to be internally conflicted for a long time and between one thing and another you lose your fertility…what then?  Can supplements solve that?  Not likely.  Being true to yourself will though.  That’s worth pondering!

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