If you are interested in finding out more about my program, take the short survey below, and I’ll be in touch!

Why the strange survey? 
There are a few reasons!  

The program has high success rates partly because there is a screening process to identify people for whom it may not be a good fit.  The survey, simple as it is, gives me a glimpse of you and helps me decide if the program is a good match for you or not.

Also I don’t advertise my contact details on this site because it has resulted in a lot of general inquires, which are great but result in lost valuable time I could be using to help you with real problems.  Instead I only connect with prospective clients who have taken this survey, because I know they are more interested than people who are just browsing.

There are no right or wrong answers to the survey questions, say what feels right for you.  Honesty is the key, rather than the specific answer itself.

I’ll get back to you after receiving the completed survey.  There’s a chance the program wont suit you but if I think it will then I will send you a document which explains it all and gives you a sense of what to expect, as well as a summary of the costs.  It’s not cheap (nothing good is), but then again neither is IVF!

If you are interested we can arrange a short chat where you can ask me anything you want before making your decision.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you take the next steps on your journey to start a family.