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My vinyl album ‘Dire Straits’ had a scratch at the end of it’s best song Sultans Of Swing.

I must have played it a thousand times, every time hearing that scratch at the end.  Even when I heard it on the radio, I anticipated the scratch - so much so that when it didn’t come something in my brain would get jarred.  It was like my brain actually missed the scratch and wanted it to be there.

Fast forward to now and I can tell you with perfect clarity that this phenomena is related to brain neural circuits which are explained by the cliched phrase -neurons that fire together wire together!

Our personal, physical, mental and emotional patterns are similarly encoded in our brains.  Whatever we do regularly in our lives gets ‘wired in’, and this is why it’s so difficult to break habits.

Or to put that another way – this is why it is so difficult to change.

The net effect of this is that most of us limp along with problems that have become net-negatives in our lives without stopping to fix them.  It doesn’t matter is they are physical, mental, financial, relationship or otherwise.

We’d rather limp along than fix the limp because fixing the limp requires us to do things differently and we are not prepared to do that because we would have to unwire and then re-wire our brain patterns.

THAT’S HOW POWERFUL brain wiring is.  It’s so bad we actively look for the scratch we are familiar with rather than enjoy the song scratch free.

Just imagine how many other things in our lives we are holding steady, unchanging, even though we are not getting where we want to go or becoming who we want to be - even if that’s ‘being pregnant’?

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