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There is a horribly beautiful opportunity that goes with hitting rock bottom.

Once you hit it you finally come face to face with your own truth and there is nowhere left to hide.

You swallow the red pill – meaning you get to see the raw bitter truth – which is that you have been dodging the issue for so long because you were afraid, and now the time has come to face it.

Your own truth may have a very different context to mine but no matter what the specific circumstances are – hitting rock bottom means the time for avoiding the issue is over and your only choice is either to roll over and give up - or fight with everything you’ve got.

As you approach rock bottom it feels like your tank is empty and you can’t go on, but when you finally hit it - all illusions evaporate, and you realise you have been fuelling yourself from the wrong tank all along.  

It’s essentially a temporary state of ‘egolessness’ where all notions of who you are supposed to be dissolve and you finally get to see who you really are.  In this moment you realise that what you perceived as failings were not really failings at all but rather signposts you had been misinterpreting because you were focussing on the wrong thing.

Life can be very hard for some. It steamrolls unfairly over lots of people, but for all the examples we have it is clear that when we seat ourselves in our true being, it becomes obvious that our capacity to endure, to adapt and overcome may well be limitless.

There’s a tragic beauty to possessing this kind of power:  Most of us can endure hardship for a very long time, tucking it away somewhere inside us so we don’t have to deal with it, and thus the act of ‘fighting with everything we’ve got’ is something most of us will never have to experience.  Instead we limp on, coping, not achieving what we are capable of. 

Even the spectre of death does not signal rock bottom for many people.  People too often accept their plight, their prognosis.  People die of diseases they could – EASILY – solve if only they weren’t afraid to change.  This is the tragedy!

Sometimes it takes rock bottom to bring us to our senses – for you that might be bankruptcy, or divorce, or a terminal illness.  Sometimes it takes infertility!

Whatever it takes – don’t resist it!  Life’s too short to stay the same all the way to the end!

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