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I grew up listening to my mother singing and my father playing records full of songs about life.

One of the magical images I remember most as I went off to bed was the Big Rock Candy Mountain, an idyllic place where you could eat sweets straight off the trees, drink soft drinks from a fountain, then for breakfast eat soft boiled eggs laid by the hens.  Even the cigarettes which grew on trees seemed like a cool idea.

One of the lines from the original song (which was deemed unsuitable for kids ears) was “…and they hung the jerk who invented work”.

It’s a place you might love to go for a holiday, but you can see the problem if you lived there right?

There are no challenges, no struggles, no need to stretch yourself, no problems to overcome…until of course real life intrudes, and the problems hit you full force.

On the other end of the spectrum is our modern life with its endless tasks, deadlines, rushing, stretching our capacity, and having hardly any regenerative downtime to ourselves.  The problem with this end of the spectrum is that real life also intrudes, and the issues we were not paying attention to suddenly hit us full force.

For some people this manifests as broken relationships with their kids whom they were too stressed to interact with.  For some people it’s addictions, for some it’s cancer and for some it’s a loss of fertility.

It seems that life has a knack of choosing the most quintessentially perfect problem for us every time.  It seems to choose problems that are so painful for us we are forced to sit up and take notice.

If you could choose the problem that hit you…would you choose infertility?

Life might know you better than you think.

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Natural Fertility Consultant

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