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What is it about humans that allows us so often to give out advice we won’t take ourselves?

Why do we tell children not to curse, yet fail to follow the same standard personally?

Why do mediation counselors end up in divorce court, unable to settle their differences?

Why do investment advisers not follow their own advice to diversify assets for greater security?

Why do soccer players of all ages berate their teammates for mistakes they themselves often make?

Why do nutritionists sometimes eat junk food despite advising their clients to avoid it?

Why is it OK to think the rules don’t apply to us?

Why are we comfortable with contradictions in our own lives that we would regard as hypocrisy in others?

I believe the answers are simple:

It’s not because we don’t value the truth. (Though it might be too bitter a pill to swallow at times!)

It’s not because we lack situational awareness.  (Though some of us do!)

It’s not because we are too lazy.  (Indeed, many of us work too much!)

It boils down to one thing - We are not ready to change that aspect of ourselves just yet.

The need for change is not so urgent for us that it supersedes the inertial familiarity we possess about ‘the way things are’.

The pain of not having what we want is not yet as powerful as the fear that makes us hold on to habits we identify with, even though they no longer serve us.

The pressure to change is just not strong enough to force us to deal with it.

The tragedy of life for so many humans is that we don’t wake up to this plight soon enough to take meaningful action that would propel us on a journey of adventure and self-discovery that is really worth living.

The tragedy is that we die with regrets!

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