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Some people can solve their infertility problems pretty easily, only one or two simple additions or subtractions can make the difference.  These people are the minority.

Most people’s fertility problems are more complex, and the solution depends on what you might call ‘multiple small touches’, meaning a number of factors are ‘off kilter’ but none so severely that it is the main issue, and all need but a gentle ‘nudging’ back into position.

Some people’s fertility problems are dire – with many functions desperately struggling and one or more needing a serious amount of focus and work to bring it back online.

It’s a difficult truth to swallow but all the above scenarios are due to how the person has lived their life up to this moment.  They may or may not be to blame for their predicament; indeed they may have been born with some tendencies that have now manifested and caused them to be unable to conceive. 

But there is something worth thinking about here – in most cases the person didn’t realise they had a fertility problem until they were forced to figure it out.  Forced, that is, by ‘failure’.

What is it about humans that we seem destined to learn our important lessons the hard way, never appreciating that those who have gone before may have ready answers for us?

What is it about the (boring) concept of ‘prevention’ that continuously fails to motivate us into action to prevent problems long before they happen?

Is it simply that we lack awareness that could have made us realise we were drifting away from our center and alerted us to the fact that we needed to do something?  Awareness of our body, our thoughts, our intentions, our desires, our dreams, our mode of being? 

An answer this simple to a problem this complex surely couldn’t be right…could it?

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