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It's normal to feel rushed to solve your problem as quickly as possible, but there is a price to this - the more complex your problem is the greater the risk of creating more problems as you go.  The more rushed you are the more likely you are to miss the important connections that would ultimately lead you to the answer that is specific to you.

Specific to You!

Also, if you think the answer to your infertility is written in a protocol on a sheet somewhere - you are thinking wrong.

Self-awareness is the overlooked foundation on which we build plans to overcome complex problems.  This is true because most of the difficulties we will face come from within!

Without this appreciation one remains stuck like car wheels in mud, spinning furiously but going nowhere, and worse - never learning why! 

Self-awareness is the key tool that helps us draw out from ourselves the answer that is already in us, whilst rushing and panicking and spinning our wheels is the very activity that perpetuates our problem and prevents the acquisition of the very awareness that will guide us home.

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