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When the problem ahead looms large and the solution is unknown (as it is with all my clients) and the direction you must take is uncertain - know this - the odds of finding the right answer increase in direct proportion to how ‘at peace’ you are with yourself and your world.  

I won’t pretend that finding this peace is a simple task, indeed I believe it to be an ongoing life challenge, but wisdom tells us that our ability to find our way is already within us only waiting to be coaxed out, yet the noise of modern life drowns out our ability to recognise it.

If you are lost and confused and don’t know what is wrong or how to fix it - focus all your efforts at removing the noise from your life and cultivating an inner sense of calm and peace, then, with as clear a view as you can muster of the future you dearly wish for in your minds-eye, trust that your subconscious mind will find a way forward for you, then go and get help with whatever areas you need help with.  This is the template for success in any endeavour!

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