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The first review I ever read of the album Brother’s in Arms was in the print journal NME, the very famous British New Musical Express, - it went like this:

"Dire Straits are so tasteful as to be entirely flavourless, so laid back as to bore me horizontal.”

“….do you seriously want to hear about the further adventures of Mark Knopfler's mawkish self-pity, his lugubriously mannered appropriation of rockin' Americana, his thumpingly crass attempts at wit?”

“Can anybody really be moved, stimulated or entertained by the tritest would-be melodies in history, the last word in tranquilising chord changes, the most cloying lonesome playing and ultimate in transparently fake troubador sentiment ever to ooze out of a million-dollar recording studio?”

Wow!  What a scathing critique of a piece of art!  I couldn’t believe that a British music magazine would rate the album of one of the best British bands so badly.  The critique seemed to be contagious as several other music magazines followed suit tearing the album to shreds.

I remember asking myself if I was missing something, and for a moment I even doubted what I knew in my bones – that the album was a classic.

How do I know it was a classic? Because the hours I spent playing air guitar to the songs during the 1980’s were some of the best escape moments of my youth.

Brothers In Arms, the album, went on to spend 10 weeks at No.1 in the UK charts, 9 weeks at No.1 in the US and a staggering 34 weeks at No.1 in the Australian charts.  It was the first album ever to be awarded 10 platinum discs in the UK, the 8th best selling album in UK chart history and received 9 platinum discs in the US.  It’s one of the best-selling albums of all time!

How could the experts have gotten it so wrong?

Though the clock is ticking, you can afford to make some mistakes on your journey back to fertility – but not many!

Beware whose advice you are taking, especially if they are loud and certain in their proclamations!

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