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To be human is to deceive ourselves.

We can’t possibly engage with all the truths about our lives all the time, we must ignore most of them most of the time lest we drive ourselves mad.

One universal truth is that we choose what to focus on in life, yet to our peril most of us fail to realise this.  We choose our priorities.  We either choose on purpose or we choose by default, but one way or another we choose, and each choice has consequences.

Choices that move us forward towards one goal inevitably move us further away from another – that’s a natural consequence. 

We can’t always see what the consequences of our long-term choices are – until we can, but some are obvious if we’d only take a moment to think about them.

If we choose to work away from home for months or years on end, or to work all day long to secure our careers, pay the bills, or even just to feel significant - then fair enough, it may be genuinely heroic of us - but it is a choice.

When faced with big problems then let’s at least be honest about the choices that got us here.

We can’t expect to form meaningful bonds with our young children if we hardly ever meet them, and we can’t then expect to have good relationships with these children after they grow up. 

Pain is an inevitable consequence here…for us and for the kids!

When we face a problem capable of sinking our ship, then the luxury of self-deception evaporates.  If we are to prevail in the face of overwhelming odds, we must bring out the best in ourselves.  This requires getting the worst of ourselves out of our own way, and to do this involves telling the truth.

Is your current life choice taking you further away from your goal…Yes or No?

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