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You’re facing infertility but you realise suddenly that you don’t know much about it, or about how to fix it, or about the options available to you.

You decide to go and check out your options, so you start looking – but where exactly?  

Do you go to the doctor first?  Why? 

Dr Google is always available and will certainly provide you with many choices, but now the real problem arises – the problem of choice!

This supplement or some of them?  This clinic or that?  This book or one of those?

It’s head wrecking having so may choices, but there is a biological counterpart to this too.

It takes A LOT of energy to make decisions.  Many people are now suffering from decision fatigue which is affecting the quality of their lives.

Deep in our core body there are millions of decisions being made every moment that require a lot of energy to carry out.  The number of these decisions increases exponentially if you dial in other issues such as - nutrient deficiencies, cellular damage, inflammation, a medical condition or a basic functional issue like constipation.  As the level of internal decisions multiplies so to does the level of energy required by the body to make these decisions.

Eventually the body reaches decision fatigue.  One symptom of this is infertility – it’s the body dealing with issues in the now, thus unable to make decisions about the future.

My program “return to fertility” helps you get your body to a place where it needs to make less sub-conscious decisions, but to get on to that program you need to make one big conscious one.

The chances of success on any route you take are slim enough, that’s a hard reality, but all your options carry greater rates of success once you get your body to a place where it needs to make less decisions.  This is the key to success, alas most of you will soldier on making one separate decision after the next and increasing the level of internal (sub-conscious) decisions your body must make just to keep you going!

The most effective decisions you can make are those that minimise the number of future decisions you will have to make!

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Natural Fertility Consultant

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