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When Trusting Is Hard

I have fond memories of using the local library during the beginning of the internet - they gave me free access to the early search engines.  The irony of it didn’t hit me at the time but the very technology the library was making available to me was going to make them obsolete!

It used to be the case that I could go to the library to research stuff but now information is available everywhere easily.

Also available easily is wrong information, uninformed opinion, loud-mouth know-all’s (some even with great oratory or literary skills) and hopelessly biased interpretations of important knowledge.

How are we meant to find our way out of all this ‘new’ mess?

How do you know if chaste tree berry will help regularise YOUR cycles?  Many websites say it will!

How do you know if your period symptoms are due to too much estrogen, too little progesterone, or something else altogether?

How do you know what any given scientist has said on an important matter that just might hold the key to solving your infertility problem - when you can no longer trust the system to bring you that message unblemished??

I have no good answer for you right now - except to say that the search for truth is never easy, is often viscerally challenging and nearly always incomplete.  Yet despite all this, the meaning we seek in our lives can only be found by pursuing our truth - and it may even be the case that the difficulties we must overcome on our journey to find that truth are simply ‘fractal’ reflections of the difficulties we must overcome inside ourselves.

Maybe - for example - we must realise that to trust others we must first learn to trust our own intuition.  Maybe to break free of the lies we are surrounded with me must first stop lying to ourselves?  Maybe in order to become free to follow our calling without fear of criticism we must first realise that criticising others is what plants the seed of fear in our own hearts!


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