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You shouldn’t have to spend your life savings to solve your infertility, but would you be prepared to do so if it raised your chances of success?

If not, then nobody can judge you for it, but you’ve got to ask yourself why you wouldn’t be prepared to do it.

If the problem you face is the biggest issue in your life, why would you value money more than it?  That’s not a judgemental or rhetorical question, it’s a genuine one to ask yourself.

It’s not - “oh for heaven’s sake what’s wrong with you, why would you not spend the money?”

It’s more – “Ok, that’s very interesting, I wonder if there is some hidden reason behind it, and if we can uncover that hidden reason then you will be in a better position – so let’s ask the question – Why?”.

The response to this is not to just wake up and say to yourself –“oh yes, of course, I wasn’t thinking clearly – obviously I’d be willing to spend everything I’ve got to solve the problem”.  Being unwilling to spend the money is not the problem, the problem is what drives that unwillingness.  Asking yourself the question is a way of cutting through the noise and really getting down to brass tac’s with yourself to see where your real priorities lie – because they are mostly not obvious, and when you find out what your real priorities are it can be hugely liberating.

Those of you who are willing to spend your savings if it increases the odds of having a child won’t get much benefit from the question.  Instead you get to move further on the line and ask yourself the next hard question on your journey.  The purpose is not to find blame or to shame or judge yourself, the purpose is to uncover that thing in you (the splinter in your eye, the broken compass, the untruths you believe) that made you infertile in the first place, in other words you need to find a different angle into your mindset.

If you find it strange to ponder the notion that you created, or are creating, your own state of infertility – then consider that to be a crack of light shining through the doors of your mind, you are on to something!

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