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Assumptions That Prevent Pregnancy

Double Check Your Assumptions – they could be keeping you infertile!

For most couples, infertility is a terrible experience that derails their life and takes them on a path they never expected to walk.  It’s a confusing highly stressful path where lots of decisions about big important things need to be made, and all against a backdrop of huge uncertainty and precious little time to spare.

The more aware you are of the assumptions you are making – the less wrong decisions you will make.

Here are some common assumptions couples make all the time:

  • Women tend to assume “it must be me”, and men tend to assume “it must be her”. – Both assumptions are equally likely to be wrong.
  • The doctor will be able to run tests and tell us what’s wrong. – This is only true in a minority of cases!
  • Doctors know all about the body therefore they will know all about infertility. – Sorry, nope!
  • GP’s understand health therefore they must know all about nutrition. – This one is not even close!
  • If it doesn’t happen of its own accord, then it’s not meant to be! – You need to be slapped out of your stupor if you believe this!

Unexamined assumptions are our greatest time wasters.

We navigate through life using mental models of the world that were mostly installed in our minds by the time we were six, so they are mostly wrong – yet we assume they are right and make most of our decisions based on them.

Here are some assumptions you can take to the bank:

  • Assume your worldview is at least partly wrong – and be prepared to challenge it regularly
  • Assume full ownership of your problems
  • Assume that your body can fix itself given the right approach
  • Assume full responsibility for finding that solution
  • Assume it won’t be easy
  • Assume the universe wants you to succeed

Good assumptions lead to good decisions and decisions determine your fate.

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