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Imagine Life With Your Baby!

You may want a child with all your heart, but a simple kink in your subconscious can prevent you from having one.

Infertility is always due to ‘problems in biology’, and the solution always involves untangling the problems so that biology can correct itself and come back to balance – easier said than done for sure – but true nonetheless!

There’s a long list of issues that can tangle up a woman’s biology and keep her infertile.  Some of these are basic biology issues like –

  • Nutrition – if you are low in vitamin E for example you can’t get pregnant, end of story.
  • Toxin accumulation – if you struggle to detoxify mercury from your thyroid gland you will also struggle to regulate your cycles.
  • Structural issues – for example having an anteverted or retroverted uterus can sometimes make conception more difficult.

But it’s the invisible ‘non-biology’ issues like mindset, emotional balance and beliefs that seem to trip up most people, and for some reason we find it hard to face these issues even though doing so can cause giant leaps forward on our journey.

In my experience, the internal resistance arises because we don’t have a clear picture in our minds eye of what we really want, and without this clear picture our nervous system doesn’t know how to move us towards it.  We may have the stick whacking us from behind, but we don’t have the juicy carrot that’s drawing us forward.

Here’s something I found useful to help with that:

Everything we create we must create twice – first in our minds eye, then for real.

Take time to literally imagine the life you want in the future – be on your guard against imagining the life you think you should have, or the life you deserve, or the life other people want you to have – be clear about this and only imagine the life you really want.  It might involve playing on the carpet with your new-born baby, or strolling in the forest with your toddler, or laughing while watching a good film with your teenage son or helping out your adult daughter to buy a house.  Whatever it is for you spend time imagining it, playing out the movie in your minds eye, and do it so regularly that it becomes familiar to your nervous system – that’s the key.

Your nervous system won’t let you have something that feels strange or foreign to you, so if you can’t create it first in your imagination, to the point it becomes familiar and feels natural to you, then you won’t be able to create it in reality either.

When attempting to create a life – first create the life you want in your mind, do it so often it feels familiar to your nervous system – only then your body can follow!

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My mission in life is to help people like you overcome difficult fertility challenges!

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Return To Fertility has success rates of between 70-80% in any given year – and most of my clients are difficult cases.

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