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Perfect Is But A Guiding Principle – Not A Goal!

Whenever I’m helping a client discover the underlying reasons for their infertility, a theme I encounter now and again is that some people worry their blood work or hormonal balance or immunity or monthly cycles may never return to perfect order despite all their work. It’s an idea I struggled with myself too.

One thing I try to help them come to terms with is that achieving a perfect ‘textbook’ result is not the goal of the fertility program – it is just an idea we use as a guide.

The truth of the matter is that everybody is ‘broken’ in some sense – indeed it’s our brokenness and imperfections that give us our unique character and make us interesting. We live out our lives in a state of imperfection, never becoming truly perfect at anything other than being ourselves – that’s just the way it is. We are a work in progress all the time.

Worrying about not being perfect is but a tactic our subconscious uses to distract us from doing the difficult work of changing.

Perfection is like a mental version of gravity – it draws us towards the center of the earth with force – but we are never meant to actually get there.

If you are a perfectionist caught up on the idea of achieving perfection in your body before you can become a mom – it may help you to realise that when you were a child – rather than feeling unconditional love for who you were, you somehow became programmed to believe that you were not perfect – yet should be.

My wish for you is that one day you will look upon the face of your child and understand this truth – just like them the real you was always perfect – and yet your body never can be! If you accept this fundamental truth then you will have broken the chain of programming for yourself and your child – setting them free to express themselves as nature intended.

If you are even vaguely open to this message then have no fear – you are ready to become a mom!

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