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Solving infertility sometimes involves a career change!

Working in a job because we think we ‘should’ – rather than because we really want to – is a very common occurrence and is an example of not being ‘seated in our own power’.  There is pressure to do this – from family, friends, and society, and sure – sometimes the need for survival-income is more pressing than the need to express our creative nature – but the question is how badly does it affect us?

Toiling away for too long without getting to express our creative talents has a cost that gets paid by our soul. Do it for too long and the soul will seek to balance the ledger by sharing the costs with the body – and as the reserves of the body become depleted so does wellness.

If living in a way that is not being true to yourself is just giving you an occasional headache – well that’s not too high a price to pay, but what if the internal conflict is stressing you to the point of losing your fertility – what then?  Can supplements solve that?  Not likely. 

Being true to yourself will solve it though.  That’s worth pondering – and it’s free!

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My mission in life is to help people like you overcome difficult fertility challenges!

To make this overwhelming situation easier I created a program called Return To Fertility which takes away any worries you might have about missing something important on your journey back to fertility.  It comprehensively steps you through the process of optimising your biology for successful conception using natural means – no matter what the underlying issue is.

Return To Fertility has success rates of between 70-80% in any given year – and most of my clients are difficult cases.

If you are interested in learning more about the program then click on the button below and I will send you a free video explaining how it all works including a run down of the costs involved.  If you are interested – we can have a chat!

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