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The Self-Aware Foundation Stone

Infertility is a complex topic with many moving parts, but the infertility specific to your body is due to a much smaller subset of issues.  Your job is to identify them – my job is to help you do that.  The challenge is to narrow your focus to what matters and ignore the distractions and noise – then get to work making changes.

Of all the tools that could help you do this better; one stands out above the rest and is a skill that can be practiced – self-awareness.  It helps you connect the dots between cause and effect – without even needing to understand the science behind the dots, because ultimately you connect them using whatever internal language works for you.  Whenever I do this – I notice that!

Self-awareness can be practiced in many ways, but at its core simply involves being able to observe yourself from a third person perspective, and then having the courage to make different choices based on what you learn – and see if things get better!

I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone though, it’s way too scary.  I hear that once you get good at it you’re left with nowhere to hide from yourself.

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My mission in life is to help people like you overcome difficult fertility challenges!

To make this overwhelming situation easier I created a program called Return To Fertility which takes away any worries you might have about missing something important on your journey back to fertility.  It comprehensively steps you through the process of optimising your biology for successful conception using natural means – no matter what the underlying issue is.

Return To Fertility has success rates of between 70-80% in any given year – and most of my clients are difficult cases.

If you are interested in learning more about the program then click on the button below and I will send you a free video explaining how it all works including a run down of the costs involved.  If you are interested – we can have a chat!

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