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Reality Is Up To Us!

Wrong information, uninformed opinion, and biased interpretations of important knowledge is becoming the norm.

How are we meant to find our way out of this ‘new’ mess?

How is a guy supposed to know if that supplement he is reading about will really help his sperm count – or make it worse?

How is a girl supposed know if her symptoms are due to too much estrogen, too little progesterone, or something else altogether?

When Time is our most precious commodity – how do we know if the information we are studying is solid or is sending us on a wild goose chase? 

How do we navigate these problems when we can no longer trust the system to bring us that message unblemished?

The only thing I can say is that the search for truth is never easy, is often viscerally challenging when we don’t agree with what we find, and is nearly always incomplete. 

Rather than fighting against this ‘new’ reality wishing things were the way they used to be, I argue that the first thing we need to do is accept it.  Become emotionally ok with the idea of living in this new uncertain world.

Despite all the uncertainty, the meaning we seek in our lives can only be found by pursuing our own truth first.  I’ve come to believe that the external difficulties we face in our own journey, are simply ‘fractal’ reflections of internal difficulties we face inside ourselves.

Maybe – for example – we must realise that to trust others we must first learn to trust our own intuition. 

Maybe to break free from the lies we are surrounded by we must first tell ourselves the truth about the way we are. 

Maybe in order to shake off our own fear of criticism we must first realise that criticizing others is what plants the seed of that fear in our own hearts!

When trusting others is hard – we must learn to trust ourselves first – only then can we go and create the reality we want.

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