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Who’s got the remote?

One man’s cake is another woman’s burden.

There’s a de-facto epidemic of obesity, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, and cancer going on around the world.  Infertility is hovering ever closer to that status too.

At a cellular level these are complex conditions, yet every one of them is strongly related to chronic blood sugar imbalances, something we have a lot of influence over.

Why then are cake sales – or biscuit and muffin coffee mornings – the most common choice for local fundraisers?  Where is the disconnect?  Can we not join the dots between the messages we give off and the consequences we all reap – because we ALL reap the consequences! 

The answer is a clear No – ‘we’, the collective we, cannot join the dots, only individuals can do that – but it’s difficult because doing it switches the tv signal in our mind to a different channel and sets us off on a journey of our own.

The truth is bitter, it takes a lot of work to join the dots and change our habits because it’s always easier to eat cake – but the truth is also sweet, changing the channel in our minds adds a whole new level of interesting to our lives.

We could bake a better cake – that might help – but changing the channel is where the real sugar is, and the remote is in your hands.

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