How The Criticism Diet Helps Fertility

If a child lives with criticism they learn to criticise…. In that case, I reckon we were all criticised as kids because we all criticise someone for something. Like the proverbial fish unaware of the water they swim in, humans mostly seem unaware of how deeply ingrained criticism is in us.  It happens so regularly […]

Imagine Life With Your Baby!

You may want a child with all your heart, but a simple kink in your subconscious can prevent you from having one. Infertility is always due to ‘problems in biology’, and the solution always involves untangling the problems so that biology can correct itself and come back to balance – easier said than done for […]

Assumptions That Prevent Pregnancy

Double Check Your Assumptions – they could be keeping you infertile! For most couples, infertility is a terrible experience that derails their life and takes them on a path they never expected to walk.  It’s a confusing highly stressful path where lots of decisions about big important things need to be made, and all against […]

What A Cute Chick Taught Me About Hope

Several years ago our family was buzzing with excitement when 7 out of 10 eggs from our backyard hen’s hatched into super cute chicks.  An 8th chick hatched a few days later which unfortunately gives the earlier siblings a head start on growth and soon it became obvious that amidst heavy competition for mom’s attention, […]