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Tell me if I’m wrong!

You should be holding your baby by now, but you just can’t get pregnant. 

Life has taken a cruel turn and the thing you want most dearly seems to slip further from your grasp each time you reach out for it.

Worst of all you just don’t know why it’s happening!

You feel like you have no control, as if you are on the roller coaster ride from hell. 

 You’ve put yourself in the hands of strangers, who are very nice and do their best to help, but can’t seem to explain to you what the hell is causing the issue. 

With every passing month the sands of time slip through your fingers, and the hope that once lifted your soul is now slowly being replaced by fear and an aching weight of self doubt that is causing you to wonder who you really are.

Know this – your journey to motherhood is unfolding as it is for a reason.

The ordeal you are going through has brought you to this special moment.

It is the moment of the acquisition of truth!

Right now you are at a crossroads and you have the power to choose.

You could choose to keep working away in the hope that something finally goes your way before it’s too late, or, you could choose to seek the truth of why you are here.

The Truth will set you free to become the woman you know you were born to be.

If you can summon the courage to rewrite your own story, you will find the power to create new life.

You’re only one step away from discovering what you are made of!

For 10 years it’s been my profound privilege to work with men and women going through their own private hell struggling to make a baby.

I can tell you with certainty, the true causes of infertility are deeply complex and highly specific to each individual’s life story.  

I created the program Return To Fertility as a comprehensive female fertility restoration plan that reflects the beautiful complexity of this most sacred of challenges.  For men I use a variation of this program. 

Whether you are just beginning your journey to start a family, or you’ve been trying for years with no luck, there is an answer.

Whether you are young and full of expectation, or you are fighting the clock and beginning to lose hope, this program will change your perception of what’s possible so long as you are willing to set your mind body and soul to the task.

I promise you!

Wondering About My Background?

I’m Brendan O’Brien NT MSc, the Natural Fertility Consultant.  I run a specialist advisory service for couples who are struggling to become pregnant and who wish to optimise their health using natural means in advance of conception.

I hold a Master’s Degree in the Science of Personalised Nutrition, and a Diploma in Nutritional Therapy.

I’m a registered therapist with my governing body the Nutritional Therapists Of Ireland

I also teach nutrition and supervise clinical training at the Irish Institute of Nutrition & Health (

For several years I worked guiding many adults and children with a variety of health challenges but if there is one area I am drawn to most it’s fertility.  

The prospect of not being able to have my own children would have broken something in me, and so with gratitude it is my deepest wish to help others avoid that fate if at all possible!

I am married to Siobhan, an adult ed. teacher and we are owned by three children who warm my heart every single day!

(A little inspiration for those of you trying desperately to conceive!)

No Regrets

When your pathway to parenthood it’s blocked by some force

And what should have been easy is now grounds for divorce

When nothing you’ve tried is working at all,

despite several blind alleys you’ve hit a big wall.

And you can’t tell your friend’s coz they won’t understand,

yet the whole world expects you to produce on demand

But you can’t make it happen, no matter how hard you try,

and the weeks turn to months and the years just slip by

Then your mind starts to wander and your heart starts to doubt

Will there’ll ever be an answer, is there really no way out?

Did I miss some big signpost; was I just not tuned in?

Am I bearing the burden of some previous sin?

When those fears start to choke you, hang on for the ride,

Tap into your spirit, dig deep down inside

It takes courage to change when you don’t know the way,

to ask someone for help when you don’t know what to say

This journey of life we can’t travel alone

We depend on each other to find our way home

And many have found their way back from despair

With their lessons of triumph now borne on the air

The greatest of burdens they say is self-doubt

When you face it and crush it – that’s when dreams come about

Remember the truth…you’re a miracle too

what one can accomplish…another can do.

No outcome is certain so place all your bets

For the worst sin of all is to die with regrets.

Brendan O’Brien 29-04-2016


I'd probably have become a professional yacht crew member and disappeared to Fiji many years ago had I been able to overcome intractable seasickness.

If you are interested in finding out more about my program, take the short survey below, and I'll be in touch!

Why the strange survey? 
There are a few reasons!  

The program has high success rates partly because there is a screening process to identify people for whom it may not be a good fit.  The survey, simple as it is, gives me a glimpse of you and helps me decide if the program is a good match for you or not.

Also I don't advertise my contact details on this site because it has resulted in a lot of general inquires, which are great but result in lost valuable time I could be using to help you with real problems.  Instead I only connect with prospective clients who have taken this survey, because I know they are more interested than people who are just browsing.

There are no right or wrong answers to the survey questions, say what feels right for you.  Honesty is the key, rather than the specific answer itself.

I’ll get back to you after receiving the completed survey.  There's a chance the program wont suit you but if I think it will then I will send you a document which explains it all and gives you a sense of what to expect, as well as a summary of the costs.  It's not cheap (nothing good is), but then again neither is IVF!

If you are interested we can arrange a short chat where you can ask me anything you want before making your decision.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you take the next steps on your journey to start a family.

I love these documentaries. You really have to stand in awe at the power of nature!

“Sooner or later most of us wander into our own valley of darkness.  Finding a way out takes courage, courage to see the truth of life – not as we thought it was – but as it is.  The journey drives us to face aspects of ourselves that are painfully uncomfortable, if we turn away we give up and shrink into a lesser person, if we turn towards we are forced to fight, to grow and become better versions of ourselves.  If you find yourself here take heart, many have traveled the lonely road before you and prevailed.  It’s the most difficult and most rewarding journey you’ll ever take”

Brendan O’Brien NT MSc, Natural Fertility Consultant.

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